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Maintenance and service

1. The parts of body are the motion parts of driving the power and supporting the load, so they need fully lubricating to keep working normally. When the homogenizer is working, the operator should keep his eyes on it and make sure there is no abnormal noise and shocking sound. After the homogenizer has worked for a long time, the operator should check the space between body parts, to ensure all the parts are going right. If necessary, the operator should change the part in time. (The space between connect rod little head bearing segment and connect rod pin should be less than 0.20 mm.)

2. Although the valve and valve base of our homogenizer are heat-strengthened, the liquid material mixed with hard granules would still shorten the service life of them. Dent and leak on valve face would debase the working efficiency of our homogenizers, because they may cause not enough flux and fluctuating pressure. If necessary, please change the valve in time.

3. The plunger piston of our homogenizer is the high load part which works under a high pressure and a hermetic environment. It is heat-strengthened to make it much stronger. But after a long time of working, it would be worn out, leading to the liquid materials flow out. In that kind of condition, please change it in time.

4. The sealing element in a homogenizer is the part which prevents the liquid flowing out. The effectiveness of sealing is depended on the elasticity of the element. So if it needs to change the sealing elements, the operator is required to do in accordance with the following:
(1) Make sure the sealing element surface is flat and free from any burr.
(2) Install the sealing element carefully. The sealing element requires lubrication oil on its surface, and demands careful slipping.