High pressure homogenizers are widely used in the cosmetic industry to acquire homogenous and stable emulsion. Through high pressure homogenization, particle sizes can be reduced down to nanometers. In high pressure homogenizers, particles are forced to pass through a special homogenizing valve by high pressure energy and are processed under the actions of shearing force, turbulence, void effect, acceleration and impact.

Particle size reduction and efficient dispersion can avoid phrase separation, distribute perfume homogenously and intensify the color.

The key factor to evaluate cosmetic is whether the cosmetic can be easily absorbed into skin. The finer the cosmetic is, the better it is absorbed by skin. So high pressure homogenization can be used to obtain high quality products which can be more effectively absorbed by skin.

Our homogenizers can be used in the production of beauty creams, toothpaste, perfumes, moisture creams, cosmetic creams, nail varnishes, soaps (liquid/bar), shampoo, lotion and liposome, etc.